Condor Storage and HPC

March 14, 2012 Leave a reply

Condor Storage was the storage and backup vendor to University of Arizona Tucson in 2011 and worked in close technical liason with Data Direct Networks and Qualstar on this HPC project.

We are proud to be a trusted partner to our university clients and the result is a state of the art new data center on campus in Tucson. The Data Direct Networks storage was selected (SFA10K) for the cluster.

See the DDN storage here:

Exciting things, 2012:

  • Solid State arrays are finally affordable. We are proud to partner with TMS whom is one of the longest on record provider of solid state and recently purchased by IBM.
  • Our President, Jeanne Wilson, spoke at CreateASphere 2012 on how to restore data when the “DAM” breaks. As it turns out, many Digital Asset Mngt. plans include archival to our very affordable but massively scalable Qualstar XLS  tape libraries. LTO-6 is shipping!
  • Object Based Storage which avoids RAIDed disks, starts to spread it’s wings w/AmpliData and DDN WOS. We are there.
  • Nexsan, late to the Unified Storage arena, releases unified SAN/NAS and it is impressive. They are also the first to ship 4 Terabyte SATA drives.
  • Starboard Storage Systems  and Condor Storage have several published case studies. Unique: iSCSI, SAN and NAS and Fibre, 10GB available,High IOPS, Granular Snapshots, and more. Please allow us to showcase this technology.
  • EMC VNXe is well received by our client base and continues to rack up the industry awards.
  • Condor partners with BitSpeed, for fast file transfer. We had previously signed with Aspera as well, and continue to assist our clients with fast file transfer solutions from both manufacturers.

Thank you to all our trusted vendors and to our returning clients whom have  trusted in our abilities and service. Call us please, for any information on our products, vendors and custom solutions.



Condor 2011 Update

January 25, 2011 Leave a reply

Dec. 2010 was one of the strangest year ends I have seen in 25 years. Everyone popped up needing budget numbers in a sure fire hurry, and we had to churn out quotes 24/7 to appease.  ‘Since we custom architect for each client, this is alot of note taking…but that’s why Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing!  Business ended on the plus side, PO’s were actually cut instead of a holiday dead zone. Thank you to all those clients whom trust in our services.

Now, 2011 is alive and vibrant. Renewed spending is being seen or planned in Q1, and the doom and gloom uttered by many about their budgets and freezes in 2010, is not being talked about yet. EMC is bringing out a well priced line of unified storage arrays which we will be featuring in the months ahead. I know a good allegiance when I see one, and we already have a local reference using the product. There are many manufacturers we represent with gusto and we are adding EMC’s new VNXe and VNX to our list. Look for a new website we are launching before the end of this month profiling our top storage vendors and their strongest product offerings, including why we think they rule and edited [but beefy] technical specifications. Please be sure  to watch for our launch and/or visit our newletter signup page for upcoming promotions, white papers, and technical data we send bi-monthly. Our newsletter is designed for informing our IT clients, based on seasoned industry experience. We network with hundreds of mass storage storage professionals and 50% of our time is spent on vendor selection.  Here’s to a pleasant year ahead for all. If you care to email us, you can use the form below or visit our Contact US page.

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Our 2009 Look Ahead at IT Trends

January 14, 2009 Leave a reply

Our focus revolves around storage trends in the multi-terabyte range.  i.e. Challenges with explosive data growth, how to implement D2D based archival at affordable prices, and ways to scale up and out without being locked into primary vendor choke holds. Tiered Storage was our 2008 theme and we architected and implemented a great deal of it. Email archival also took off, while dedup and compliance issues just seemed to be alot of noise. iSCSI and NAS options are what we were asked most to configure and quote.  Our theme for 2009 is “Front Ending Open Storage”. We already have our favored 24/7 raid array suppliers in place and factoring in cost per GB. at all time lows with green power and equal or superior support/service-we can take on bigger brand names and come out way ahead on cost containment w/o  sacrificing features. What clients still worry about most, is the fact that they have been single vendor biased for so long that if they stray, their jobs could be on the line. We are now talking to former “all EMC” or “All IBM” shops who see the need to tier.  If you could implement a backup copy of all critical files to be failed over to, in event of a data center disaster, why wouldn’t you do that? Cost is the only answer. These purebred shops are now looking at becoming hybrid shops. We can help and that’s what Condor Storage does a great job at.

You must know the game you are in, esp. in today’s “economy”. We are on direct with emerging storage vendors and offer unique front end ways to scale commodity disk to petabytes. We’ve added HPC servers and clustered solutions this year. A carry over from 2008 are value deals for SMB’s. 24 slot tape loaders are a steal right now, as well as turnkey NAS appliances and D2D backup solutions. You won’t find our specials and incentives on this blog very often, you’ll need to get on our mail list this year by visiting our “Contact Us” page. We are happy to impart our knowledge via a one-to-one phone call or site meeting. I hope to hear from more of you with unique IT issues to solve. Bring it on for 2009 and bring me your brand name snobs too! We’ll be gentle in our sales approach, aggessive with our price quotes and will focus 100% on “your unique” data storage questions. To quote a client of mine managing a PB., it’s the not asking that can get you in trouble! Call me directly at 888-472-8028.

Happy 2009. -Jeanne


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