Nexsan and Falconstor Partner

August 10, 2009 Leave a reply

Condor Storage selects De-Dup/NAS/Vault Solution as a must see new product ! Please contact us for a powerpoint and price quote. This is exactly what our clients have needed with one source of support! Vs. Data Domain: 35% greater raw capacity, 60% more power efficient, 66% faster performance,50% more cost efficient. Now that’s mind bending.


Falconstor VTL Solutions

May 7, 2009 Leave a reply

We have been getting increased inquries regarding VTL software and VTL appliances. Appliances come with disk storage and go beyond the simple addition of raid arrays for D2D backups. They incorporate file level de-duplication and they are designed to streamline the backup process without affecting performance of the LAN. Here is a great article on how Falconstor can help your backup process.

Please inquire with us for a webinar and custom proposals. We have an evaluation program and promotions in place for new clients.


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