This Summers Top 5 Identified IT Projects

June 7, 2010 Leave a reply

Survey Reveals Top 5 "Front Burner" Projects among Clients

Condor Storage’s expertise is recommending solution suggestions for all of these five identified issues. We have carefully aligned with vendors that excel in each of these areas. There is always a built in layer of pricing for the most enterprise rich solution, so how does a client determine the value vs. feature formula that is the best cost, with least amount of sacrifice on features, for his/her exact project requirements? That is what a solution provider spends their time doing, we are professional match makers. 50% of our time is spent keeping a pulse on industry trends, as well as health checks among our client and colleague installations, vendor strengths and weaknesses,  in depth vendor reviews on new products, analyst viewpoints, and emergent and reoccuring themes of our clients “pain points”. Woe to today’s integrator who does not have a myriad of solutions at the ready for optimizing online data storage. It’s becoming a world of online, all the time, instant restore and failover and multiple tiers off primary arrays for cost savings under tremendous growth patterns.  Please visit our “Contact Us” page for no cost, pre-sales consultation. Thank you for reading our blog.

Falconstor VTL Solutions

May 7, 2009 Leave a reply

We have been getting increased inquries regarding VTL software and VTL appliances. Appliances come with disk storage and go beyond the simple addition of raid arrays for D2D backups. They incorporate file level de-duplication and they are designed to streamline the backup process without affecting performance of the LAN. Here is a great article on how Falconstor can help your backup process.

Please inquire with us for a webinar and custom proposals. We have an evaluation program and promotions in place for new clients.


File Archival

September 27, 2007 Leave a reply

I have just returned from Vegas, but did not gamble. (Bought over$$ designer sunglasses instead.) I went to update myself on file archival, digital vaults for govt. requirements, crypto-shredding! Talking about long term data storage to infinity and beyond, searchable like Google with de-dup, digital fingerprints and like wizards to King Authur, poof, your data is ”discovery ready”. We prefer to champion plug ‘n play products that do not require an entire SE team to architect.  We have some unique products that address content addressable storage needs. Please contact us on our website to view a webinar on what these turnkey solutions entail.


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