This Summers Top 5 Identified IT Projects

June 7, 2010 Leave a reply

Survey Reveals Top 5 "Front Burner" Projects among Clients

Condor Storage’s expertise is recommending solution suggestions for all of these five identified issues. We have carefully aligned with vendors that excel in each of these areas. There is always a built in layer of pricing for the most enterprise rich solution, so how does a client determine the value vs. feature formula that is the best cost, with least amount of sacrifice on features, for his/her exact project requirements? That is what a solution provider spends their time doing, we are professional match makers. 50% of our time is spent keeping a pulse on industry trends, as well as health checks among our client and colleague installations, vendor strengths and weaknesses,  in depth vendor reviews on new products, analyst viewpoints, and emergent and reoccuring themes of our clients “pain points”. Woe to today’s integrator who does not have a myriad of solutions at the ready for optimizing online data storage. It’s becoming a world of online, all the time, instant restore and failover and multiple tiers off primary arrays for cost savings under tremendous growth patterns.  Please visit our “Contact Us” page for no cost, pre-sales consultation. Thank you for reading our blog.

The Move to JBODS is Emerging

April 22, 2010 Leave a reply

We are seeing a trend in larger data centers to move to JBODs. I wonder who invented that term? The actual definition I found when Googling is: “Just a Bunch of Disks (JBOD) is a term for one or more disk drives that form a single volume. However, the information on these disks is not striped in any way or protected”. While this may be true, jbods can now be enabled by fault tolerant software with failover and full file format data restoration. The IP is not residing on a raid controller which can drive up the cost for each shelf of expansion by $5-10K or more. Density is good when trying to hold down energy costs. Per end users with multiple racks, for each tier of storage in a separate cabinet with six 30-amp circuits they pay at least $1000 a month higher energy costs than if they had all three tiers in one box. It’s never been easier or more logical to explore a tiered solution that offers a solid design, all hot-swap parts, advance replacement of all parts plus three tiers enabled under one cover. We offer solid state, SAS 15K RPM and 2TB SATA all in one  4U JBOD. The software is free for proof of concept and the hardware is the easy part. I need an Apple Ipad to keep all the options in front of me as our vendor matrix is so chock full of options. Data storage is where I focused my talents back when Seagate released 20MB drives, and I still love it. I watched Oprah’s show this week on “dream jobs” from cake bakers to techno-nerds who get to test things first…and I count myself fortunate to be able to architect all kinds of storage combinations,  for all kinds of projects. The quiver has never been so powerful in the disk drive sector, in my humble opinion. :)   JMW


Open Source Cloud Computing

September 2, 2008 Leave a reply

Hello Condor Readers,

We are seeking beta participants for a new open source cloud computing NAS gateway. You can build this privately or port to a public cloud such as Amazon S3 or Nirvanix.  Differentiator: Performance scales as you add nodes and up to “150+” nodes can be built out with no performance penalties, plus it’s easy to administer by a typical IT person (no need for knowledge of clustering/luster/HPC, etc.). ROI [vs. a public cloud price model], is less than 6 months in most cases. Condor Storage is a Value Added Reseller, meaning we architect, showcase and integrate data storage products we have carefully selected for their unique edge over what is commercially available at higher costs. We are proud of our abilities to broker significant price breaks for our repeat clients. If you are interested in more details on this product, please contact us. Special early adopter pricing is available. email: or Visit our Contact US page and we’ll call you right back:

Also, have you played around yet with Animoto, a web2.0 startup for making your own online videos set to music tracks. I am pasting in a link to this site, all you need is digital pictures to get started. This company is bound to be snatched up, as they have a revenue model right out of the gate (if you would like videos longer than 30 seconds). $30 a year gets you unlimited videos or buy one at a time for $3 each. Unlimited “Free” videos are are available but are limited to 30 seconds or less (about 15 pictures). A way cool idea and some very nifty coding/programming going on behind the scenes. I am impressed.


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