Moonwalk Expands Gateways to Cloud and Tiered Storage

February 24, 2010 Leave a reply

Moonwalk Inc. has expanded their cloud storage gateway licensing. Moonwalk allows clients to purchase a gateway license for [currently] an open capacity license to several cloud platforms. Moonwalk is an effective HSM solution that allows for granular data migration with it’s policy manager API. Condor Storage is providing complete end to end solutions for incorporating Moonwalk into the enterprise, including secondary storage arrays used as an NFS based target for parking data storage. Supported platforms: Network Appliance, HDS HCAP (Hitachi Content Archive Platform), EMC Centera, CAStor and Amazon. Moonwalks’ policy engine provides native support for : Windows, Redhat Linux, SUSE Linux, OES2, and Novell. Case studies, a powerpoint overview and private cloud alternatives such as Parascale, are all offered in our integration services which we architect and price for our clients. 

 Please visit our contact us page for a link to detailed documentation on these solutions. Select: Download Moonwalk” and we shall send the link to you.


Finally, after being held hostage, a REAL easy to use migration tool priced right

September 13, 2007 Leave a reply

I tried to play nice before with vendors like Arkivio, who were grossly overcharging for their migration tools and acting like fat overstuffed kings of the ILM sector. Move over you lamb-engorged pillagers, Moonwalk has arrived fresh from down under. It’s designed for tiering storage, policy based management, file reduction, and it’s skinny sw (like a DLL)…plus a cheap workstation can be deployed on the front end. This is one of half a dozen products we are rolling out for Q4 and literally jumping up and down about! For a limited time only, we are offering free downloads so you can try it for yourself with expert follow up and webinars with free gifts.  Please request “Moonwalk download” from our ”Contact Us” page at or go to: and mention Condor sent you, that’s how we survive. Over ‘n Out,  JMW. Read More: Moonwalk Overview


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