New Products and Vendor News – July 2011

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Condor Storage is an authorized PresSTORE Reseller. Their Backup and Sync software for Windows, MAC, Linux and Solaris is really well liked in the IT community. (Archiware is the manufacturer, and we represent them here in the US and Canada) Please contact us for superior customer service in obtaining price quotes, technical specifications and 30 day trials.

Storage Growth per IDC is at 100,000 Terabytes Per Year! Unstructured data continues to sprawl, and remains 80% of most of the online data that is stored in today’s data centers. We’ve partnered with Nasuni for a NAS Gateway to Amazon’s cloud. There are no API’s required, and we like this solution because Nasuni compensates for the shortcomings that have kept cloud providers from being able to deliver primary storage. While the cloud offers unlimited protected storage at a lower cost than businesses can provision on their own, it lacks performance, Local Area Network protocols, such as CIFS or NFS, and the ability to roll back unwanted changes. The Nasuni Filer was designed to address all of these issues with its high-performance cache, full support for CIFS and NFS, Active Directory support, and its snapshot technology. Contact Us for a download link and introductory pricing model.

  • Nexsan recently released two new SAN solutions at surprisingly affordable pricepoints, the E18 and E60.  These both feature a new active drawer chassis design with field replaceable parts exchange, 3 YR Warranty/Support inclusive and SAS/SATA mixed shelf drives.  Known for ease of use, a self-install GUI Wizard and density of design-this brand is ultra-reliable. Condor Storage has clients under Year 6 warranty renewals.


  • Over 10TB of high performance SAS in 2U OR over 54TB of high capacity SATA in 2U
  • 18-disk RAID system with two active drawers
  • Single or dual redundant active/active controllers
  • High speed cache with both battery and flash backup
  • 8Gb Fibre Channel and 1Gb iSCSI host-side ports
  • Utilizes multi-path IO for Windows, Linux, VMware, Xen and Hyper-V
  • No single-point-of-failure design
  • Anti-Vibration Design™ maximizes disk reliability
  • Nexsan’s exclusive AutoMAID® level 4 technology reduces energy consumption by 85%
  • Nexsan’s Cool Drive Technology™ utilizes redundant push and pull fans
  • Expand with up to 60 additional drives with Nexsan E60X
  • Optional 10Gbit iSCSI replaces 8Gb Fibre Channel ports

EMC’s VNXe and VNX iSCSI SAN offers our clients CIFS/NFS, DeDupe, Unified Storage management with Snapshots, Provisioning and Replication. How affordable…many may wonder? Condor is running client promotions for under $15K incl. support.

See these exciting new products on our marketing microsite: 


Q3 Promotion: BlueArc, Break the Myth Promotion. We have a bold mission, to break the myth that Enterprise, Clustered NAS  must cost at least $100K.  We are an Authorized BlueArc Reseller.  Our primary client focus is to arrange webinars, coordinate site visits and negotiate discounted prices with BlueArc sales agents. We have all the tools to solve today’s Big Data needs at prices you may thought were out of reach. Please give us a chance to cost illustrate this product before your spend money on another NAS solution.

Thank you for stopping by our website and for reading our blog!      PH 888-472-8028        email: 


Open Source Cloud Computing

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Hello Condor Readers,

We are seeking beta participants for a new open source cloud computing NAS gateway. You can build this privately or port to a public cloud such as Amazon S3 or Nirvanix.  Differentiator: Performance scales as you add nodes and up to “150+” nodes can be built out with no performance penalties, plus it’s easy to administer by a typical IT person (no need for knowledge of clustering/luster/HPC, etc.). ROI [vs. a public cloud price model], is less than 6 months in most cases. Condor Storage is a Value Added Reseller, meaning we architect, showcase and integrate data storage products we have carefully selected for their unique edge over what is commercially available at higher costs. We are proud of our abilities to broker significant price breaks for our repeat clients. If you are interested in more details on this product, please contact us. Special early adopter pricing is available. email: or Visit our Contact US page and we’ll call you right back:

Also, have you played around yet with Animoto, a web2.0 startup for making your own online videos set to music tracks. I am pasting in a link to this site, all you need is digital pictures to get started. This company is bound to be snatched up, as they have a revenue model right out of the gate (if you would like videos longer than 30 seconds). $30 a year gets you unlimited videos or buy one at a time for $3 each. Unlimited “Free” videos are are available but are limited to 30 seconds or less (about 15 pictures). A way cool idea and some very nifty coding/programming going on behind the scenes. I am impressed.


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