Tier 1 SAN at Tier 2 Cost

July 23, 2008 Leave a reply

Nexsan has announced the DATAbeast storage solution thru it’s reseller partners, now available as a toally integrated SAN solution. It has alot to offer our clients who cannot afford a three lettter SAN but it really fits best for clients looking at 70+ TB. of storage. With 4GB. fibre connections and redundancy back to the switch, this promises to offer a swiss army knife of SAN features all under one part number vs. the “that’s extra but available” answer that many SAN vendors will answer back with. The array features 4GB Fibre Channel interfaces for access to block-level data and NAS interfaces for access to file-level information. With the DATABeast, all components are pre-installed, preconfigured and ready for operations in a 42U or 25U rack mount configurations.
The DATABeast also includes management tools that allow thin provisioning, VMWare support, storage pooling, tiering and virtualization, as well as mirroring, snapshots and replication.
Please contact us for a webinar on this product and get a free Nexsan T-Shirt sent to you upon completion. (black shirt, purple logo, nice quality)

List Price: The DATABeast prices between $1,800 and $2,700 per terabyte MSRP and we offer significant discounts as part of our value add plus competitive matrixes so you can easily compare it to the other brands you may be investigating. Condor Storage is superb at brokering significant discounts for our clients. Please call us if you are obtaining price quotes for a SAN or hybrid SAN/NAS planned purchase. 888-472-8028 or 928-284-2535.


New Storage Vault for MAC released that scales to 42TB. per array!

January 17, 2008 Leave a reply

Condor Storage announces availability of the SATAbeast Xi, for the XServe Market

The SATABeast™ Xi is the first, high density, energy efficient storage solution built for the Apple Xserve and Mac Pro markets.  The SATABeast Xi is designed specifically for Xserve and Mac Pro complementing those environments in both physical look and feel, and with a user interface that is visually compatible with Leopard.  


The SATABeast Xi was formally announced and showcased at MacWorld 2008 in San Francisco on Monday January 14th.  The response to this product has been tremendous from press and analysts. It’s ideal to replace older XServe raid arrays that are nearing warranty expiration. ex. one client had 7 older Xserve raid arrays providing 42TB. which we can now be replaced with one SATABeast Xi in just 4U, with green power AUTOmaid built in. University and Government price schedules are available. Please inquire on our Contact Us form for a free podcast, weblinks and a formal specification sheet. Nexsan SataBeastXi Audio Webcast by CTO, Gary Watson


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