Flash Data

About Flash Data

Organizations move large volumes of data over their private networks and increasingly over public networks to their Cloud service provider. The current options to provide this are too slow and are costly for most applications and uses. As a result, companies choose to transport physical disk drives and tapes because it’s cheaper and faster than moving the data over an IP network. Only company applications with very high ROI can absorb the cost of legacy data movement technology.

FlashDataTransfer™ HyperTransfer™ is embeddable software. No special hardware is needed.

Features & Benefits

  • Lowest cost
  • Easy to implement—it installs seamlessly into to your existing infrastructure
  • Easy to use–it uses industry standard TCP/IP protocol.
  • Easy to use UI for quick admin. and reporting
  • CLI for custom programming utilizing support API’s (REST)
  • Watch Folder support for file automation
  • HyperTransfer™ is unique in that it operates on your data as its being transferred
  • Maintain line speed data transfers as you: • Use enterprise bandwidth utilization
  • De-duplicate/data reduction at block level
  • Compress-auto sensing and manual
  • And/or encrypt data via AES128/256, CTR or GCM Modes
  • Data verification-MD5 or Sha3
  • Unlimited bandwidth… up to 100 gigabit
  • 1000 times faster than Rsync
  • Run your network at full available bandwidth, compression, encryption with throttle option
  • TransferSoft is unmatched in transfer application performance for file-based workflows and database migration as well as ingress/egress to/from cloud
  • Sync moves just the changed bits as we know what’s changed
  • Four years of test and development for end user features requested
  • Embeddable on an existing hardware incl. portable disk.
  • Operates on WAN, LAN & GANs.
  • Uses powerful optimization algorithms to move millions of small files or massive TB/PB’s of files, while maintaining line speed and data integrity, no network impediment.

Technical Specifications

Embeddable and interoperable on all OS environments 
  • Linux (any flavor)
  • UNIX (including –BSD, HP-UX, Solaris, AIX, et al)
  • Windows (Server 2008R2 and up, Windows 7 and up)
  • MAC OS X (10.6 and above)
  • Runs as a daemon or service
  • Listens on OEM defined port(s)
Two compression algorithms are included: 
  • Compression A: recommended for connections of < 300Mbps Very high compression ratios at the expense of CPU cycles Compression ratios achieved are similar to the standard Zlib utilities 
  • Compression B: recommended for connections up to 10 GbE 20% lower compression efficiency at extremely high performance 
Built-in authentication of all connections 
  • TransferSoft proprietary authentication – plus SSH & SSL/TSL
Two encryption algorithms are for on-the-fly encoding 
  • AES 128- or 256-bit (CTR or GCM modes available) Easily operates at 2GByte per second on 20GbE connections 
  • TransferSoft proprietary RVX encryption algorithm Includes three different modes and key lengths of up to 512-bits 
  • Allows transfers to begin instantly upon first file creation write (or directly to stream)
  • Works on local and NAS/SAN with recursive directories
  • Storage AND Switch Agnostic across any platform, exposes network congestion • Rest API’s, Dockers and Containers, Kubernetis
  • Proprietary video data reduction feature is an industry breakthrough!


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