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Traditional storage and file systems were not designed with the needs of large scale, global content distribution in mind. When storage needs grow to billions of files consuming Petabytes of capacity, all of which must be quickly and efficiently shared between multiple data centers, traditional solutions become complex to deploy, hard to manage, difficult to scale, and overly expensive. DataDirect Networks is changing the game with Web Object Scaler (WOS), a sophisticated cloud-based file storage technology that radically simplifies and improves how content is stored, distributed, and accessed across multiple geographically dispersed sites. From a single, easy-to-use management interface, you can build a global storage cloud that scales simply and limitlessly.

What Makes It Unique?

  • Automatically protect files and distribute content close to end-users
  • Multi-site WOS clouds are managed as a single entity. No specialized storage management skills are needed
  • Drastically reduce your management burden
  • Reduce your reliance on expensive Content Delivery Networks
  • Vastly simplify your storage and file system infrastructure
  • Eliminate the headaches associated with multi-site deployments
  • Create a true, globally active low-latency file storage service

Product Features

  • 16 Supported Zones
  • 250+ BillionCloud Object Space
  • Cloud Capacity From 32TB to Multiple Petabytes
  • Unlimited Data Placement Policies
  • Data Replication by Synchronous or Asynchronous by policy
  • User-Defined Metadat From 0 to 64MB
  • Up to 8,000,000 Random File Reads/Second 50KB objects
  • Management Interface: Web-based Graphical User Interface with e-mail alerts of key system events
  • Available API Commands: PUT object, GET object, DELETE object, RESERVE Object ID
  • Supported API Languages: RESTful, PHP, Python, C++, Java

Options & Upgrades

  • WOS 6000 High Density Enclosure with 4,800 File Reads/Second (50KB objects)
  • WOS 6000 High Density, High Performance Enclosure 12,000 File Reads/Second (50KB objects)
  • WOS 1600 Standard Density Node 1,250 File Reads/Second (50KB objects)
  • WOS 1600 Standard Density, High Performance Node 3,200 File Reads/Second (50KB objects)

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