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Applications, such as internet services, online transaction processing (OLTP), email, video-on-demand, video surveillance, and on-line video games, are extremely demanding on storage performance, capacity, reliability and scalability due to their nature. Growing businesses constantly face the challenge of delivering IOPS performance to database driven applications and throughput performance to the growing stores of unstructured content. With traditional storage technologies, these applications conflict for storage resources and force IT managers to compartmentalize applications to multiple dedicated storage systems which increases complexity, capital expense and cost of ownership. For over ten years, DataDirect Networks has been providing storage solutions for high performance and high capacity applications. The S2A6620 leverages innovative capabilities from the award winning performance and reliability of the industry-leading S2A product family. This modular, high-density appliance delivers the highest quality data services and eliminates the need for multiple systems; minimizing floor space, power consumption, and storage management complexity.

What Makes It Unique?

  • Designed for mixed workload environments, S2A6620 delivers extreme performance with 2GB/s and 335,000 IOPS
  • As the densest system in its class, the S2A6620 manages up to 60 drives in an ultra compact 4U form factor. By adding a single expansion enclosure you can double these numbers to a leading 120 drives in only 8U
  • Data integrity is verified on every read operation with SATAssureTM. Silent data corruption is detected and corrected automatically and transparently
  • With active-active controllers, hot swappable hardware components and rolling software upgrades the S2A6620 delivers high reliability
  • Total storage cost is significantly reduced by intermixing of high- performance and high-capacity drives in a single enclosure. User friendly management tools simplify storage administration

Product Features

  • LUN Mapping and Masking Port Zoning: RAID 1,5 Journaled Rebuilds, CLI/GUI SSH/Telnet, SNMP Monitoring and Trap
  • Flexible architecture - DAS, SAN, NAS
  • High Performance – up to 350,000 IOPS, 2GB/s throughput
  • Scale from 2TB - 240TB
  • Simple to install, monitor and manage
  • High availability – RAID 1/5/6, SATAssureTM, Active/Active controllers
  • Tiered storage – SSD, SAS and SATA intermix
  • High Density – 120 Drives in only 8U

Options & Upgrades

  • SATAssureTM Data Integrity software features for RAID 6

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