Not all cars are created equal.
Neither is data storage.

Not all cars are created equal. Neither is data storage.

After more than 2 decades in the industry, we have developed rock-solid relationships with vendors that provide top quality products, excellent customer service and are truly leaders in their field. We wouldn’t trust our reputation to anything less than the best. We believe you shouldn’t either.

Our Leading Products include:
SAN, NAS or DAS solutions from over two dozen manufacturers:

  • RAID Arrays for tiered storage, HPC, clustering projects, video streams and surveillance, web hosting and more.
  • Extremely dense disk vaults, 42-60 drives per 4U shelf, iSCSI and Fibre connections and Onsite Install and Service Level Support
  • Archival Disk Vaults with secure encryption and file level compliant storage.
  • D2D backup solutions with options such as a removable 1 or 2TB archive drive, Snapshot Recovery, and Two Way Replication

We offer with complete buying confidence, a full range of solutions for your data solution challenges:

Primary Storage

Enterprise class solutions featuring array based replication, full redundancy across all active components, blazing wire-speed read/write throughput, solid state, SAS and SATA mixed media, and VMware and virtualization integration. Looking to replace XServes? Our MAC/Apple D2D solutions include metadata controllers and an iPhone management application.


Disk to Disk Backup: A wide range of solutions we custom tailor to your requirements and pain points. Appliance based models include backup software and a removable disk drive and carry case for off-site archival.

Secondary Storage

We sift to find enterprise class features and performance to enable large file repositories for “Big Data” storing thousands of user files on a single system. We are proud to showcase our solutions virtually, via on demand webinars. From EMC’s new SMB line starting at $10K to plain vanilla disk vaults, we have your needs covered. Open storage arrays can be virtualized with VMware and backed up with VEEAM which enables snapshots and replication. Please let us help you determine which product would be most compelling for your needs.


Disk and Tape Based: “With multi-terabyte LTO media here now, tape should be used primarily for archiving”, per Gartner Group. From entry level 12 slot tape loaders to combination tape/disk systems and to petabyte capable tape libraries, we cover the range of solutions available today. Tackle your unstructured data with Content Addressable Storage (CAS) arrays. These systems provide real time ingest of your data, granular search, e-discovery, encryption at rest, dedupe, replication, file audit trails and secure manifesting. Featuring Made in the USA “all metal” tape libraries and green powered single floor tile silos. Please ask to view one of our web presentations on how we solve well known marquis client’s backup, compliance and active archival needs. We’ll also happy to email you video links for preview.

Click here to read a short 10 minute case study on how Nexsan storage is optimizing a Virtual Operating Environment for The Clark Enersen Partners.

“The Nexsan gear simply works. We have had no trouble with our Nexsan SATABeast gear in the 5+ years that we have had it. We have contacted Nexsan support on a few occasions and our questions were answered in a concise and professional manner. Setting up and configuring the Nexsan products has been a snap. The units have not required any hand-holding or maintenance time from my staff.

In short, the Nexsan gear works as advertised. If products from all of my vendors were this easy to implement, maintain, and support my life would be much simpler as an IT manager.

Nexsan sets the standard for other vendors to measure up to in our organization.”

- Nate Keegan, IT Manager (City of Prescott, Prescott AZ)

Condor Storage - Higher Limites for Your Data

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