Condor Storage and HPC

March 14, 2012 Leave a reply

Condor Storage was the storage and backup vendor to University of Arizona Tucson in 2011 and worked in close technical liason with Data Direct Networks and Qualstar on this HPC project.

We are proud to be a trusted partner to our university clients and the result is a state of the art new data center on campus in Tucson. The Data Direct Networks storage was selected (SFA10K) for the cluster.

See the DDN storage here:

Exciting things, 2012:

  • Solid State arrays are finally affordable. We are proud to partner with TMS whom is one of the longest on record provider of solid state and recently purchased by IBM.
  • Our President, Jeanne Wilson, spoke at CreateASphere 2012 on how to restore data when the “DAM” breaks. As it turns out, many Digital Asset Mngt. plans include archival to our very affordable but massively scalable Qualstar XLS  tape libraries. LTO-6 is shipping!
  • Object Based Storage which avoids RAIDed disks, starts to spread it’s wings w/AmpliData and DDN WOS. We are there.
  • Nexsan, late to the Unified Storage arena, releases unified SAN/NAS and it is impressive. They are also the first to ship 4 Terabyte SATA drives.
  • Starboard Storage Systems  and Condor Storage have several published case studies. Unique: iSCSI, SAN and NAS and Fibre, 10GB available,High IOPS, Granular Snapshots, and more. Please allow us to showcase this technology.
  • EMC VNXe is well received by our client base and continues to rack up the industry awards.
  • Condor partners with BitSpeed, for fast file transfer. We had previously signed with Aspera as well, and continue to assist our clients with fast file transfer solutions from both manufacturers.

Thank you to all our trusted vendors and to our returning clients whom have  trusted in our abilities and service. Call us please, for any information on our products, vendors and custom solutions.



New Products and Vendor News – July 2011

July 14, 2011 Leave a reply

Condor Storage is an authorized PresSTORE Reseller. Their Backup and Sync software for Windows, MAC, Linux and Solaris is really well liked in the IT community. (Archiware is the manufacturer, and we represent them here in the US and Canada) Please contact us for superior customer service in obtaining price quotes, technical specifications and 30 day trials.

Storage Growth per IDC is at 100,000 Terabytes Per Year! Unstructured data continues to sprawl, and remains 80% of most of the online data that is stored in today’s data centers. We’ve partnered with Nasuni for a NAS Gateway to Amazon’s cloud. There are no API’s required, and we like this solution because Nasuni compensates for the shortcomings that have kept cloud providers from being able to deliver primary storage. While the cloud offers unlimited protected storage at a lower cost than businesses can provision on their own, it lacks performance, Local Area Network protocols, such as CIFS or NFS, and the ability to roll back unwanted changes. The Nasuni Filer was designed to address all of these issues with its high-performance cache, full support for CIFS and NFS, Active Directory support, and its snapshot technology. Contact Us for a download link and introductory pricing model.

  • Nexsan recently released two new SAN solutions at surprisingly affordable pricepoints, the E18 and E60.  These both feature a new active drawer chassis design with field replaceable parts exchange, 3 YR Warranty/Support inclusive and SAS/SATA mixed shelf drives.  Known for ease of use, a self-install GUI Wizard and density of design-this brand is ultra-reliable. Condor Storage has clients under Year 6 warranty renewals.


  • Over 10TB of high performance SAS in 2U OR over 54TB of high capacity SATA in 2U
  • 18-disk RAID system with two active drawers
  • Single or dual redundant active/active controllers
  • High speed cache with both battery and flash backup
  • 8Gb Fibre Channel and 1Gb iSCSI host-side ports
  • Utilizes multi-path IO for Windows, Linux, VMware, Xen and Hyper-V
  • No single-point-of-failure design
  • Anti-Vibration Design™ maximizes disk reliability
  • Nexsan’s exclusive AutoMAID® level 4 technology reduces energy consumption by 85%
  • Nexsan’s Cool Drive Technology™ utilizes redundant push and pull fans
  • Expand with up to 60 additional drives with Nexsan E60X
  • Optional 10Gbit iSCSI replaces 8Gb Fibre Channel ports

EMC’s VNXe and VNX iSCSI SAN offers our clients CIFS/NFS, DeDupe, Unified Storage management with Snapshots, Provisioning and Replication. How affordable…many may wonder? Condor is running client promotions for under $15K incl. support.

See these exciting new products on our marketing microsite: 


Q3 Promotion: BlueArc, Break the Myth Promotion. We have a bold mission, to break the myth that Enterprise, Clustered NAS  must cost at least $100K.  We are an Authorized BlueArc Reseller.  Our primary client focus is to arrange webinars, coordinate site visits and negotiate discounted prices with BlueArc sales agents. We have all the tools to solve today’s Big Data needs at prices you may thought were out of reach. Please give us a chance to cost illustrate this product before your spend money on another NAS solution.

Thank you for stopping by our website and for reading our blog!      PH 888-472-8028        email: 


Condor 2011 Update

January 25, 2011 Leave a reply

Dec. 2010 was one of the strangest year ends I have seen in 25 years. Everyone popped up needing budget numbers in a sure fire hurry, and we had to churn out quotes 24/7 to appease.  ‘Since we custom architect for each client, this is alot of note taking…but that’s why Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing!  Business ended on the plus side, PO’s were actually cut instead of a holiday dead zone. Thank you to all those clients whom trust in our services.

Now, 2011 is alive and vibrant. Renewed spending is being seen or planned in Q1, and the doom and gloom uttered by many about their budgets and freezes in 2010, is not being talked about yet. EMC is bringing out a well priced line of unified storage arrays which we will be featuring in the months ahead. I know a good allegiance when I see one, and we already have a local reference using the product. There are many manufacturers we represent with gusto and we are adding EMC’s new VNXe and VNX to our list. Look for a new website we are launching before the end of this month profiling our top storage vendors and their strongest product offerings, including why we think they rule and edited [but beefy] technical specifications. Please be sure  to watch for our launch and/or visit our newletter signup page for upcoming promotions, white papers, and technical data we send bi-monthly. Our newsletter is designed for informing our IT clients, based on seasoned industry experience. We network with hundreds of mass storage storage professionals and 50% of our time is spent on vendor selection.  Here’s to a pleasant year ahead for all. If you care to email us, you can use the form below or visit our Contact US page.

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Condor Exhibits Again at PHX AZ Technology Summit

September 8, 2010 Leave a reply

Please join us for a complimentary all day conference if you are in the Phoenix area on Wed. 9/15. An invitation can be seen here:


Nexsan Offers Trade in-Trade Up Program

December 4, 2007 Leave a reply

Nexsan Logo

You can trade in any legacy Nexsan ATA product for a 45% discount off MSRP for a new SATABoy or SATABeast!
Few vendors take in old hardware on trade, so this is a terrific offer to retire older units.  Condor Storage is working in tangent with Nexsan to handle any and all trades so as to get old ATA drives off the street.

You will gain:

  • Higher density with up to 42TB in a 4U chassis

  • AutoMAID power-saving features

  • iSCSI and 4Gb Fibre Channel connectivity

Contact us now to arrange your trade up! Offer extended by popular demand, thru Mar. 31, 2008.


NAS Requests Pour In

December 1, 2007 Leave a reply

We’ve been bombarded with NAS price requests lately. Please note for least cost that all of our open storage vaults can be installed as DAS, NAS or SAN with the proper add-ons, as they simply appear as a drive letter to any OS, while running raid underneath the covers. For a turnkey single vendor solution, we are pleased to have two partner solutions. Both are green powered and we can add ILM, Backup and CAS Single Instance Store to the solution plus iSCSI is now available. I have talked to clients whom wish to have three separate tiers of NAS, spreading out costs among vendors.  

So what is your criteria for selecting a NAS solution? …I’ll share with you how Land Rover sold me a car and I am tough to sell to: their competitors had lots of features I asked for but they were all upgrades and add-ons to base sticker price. The LR sales guy kept stating “that’s included, it’s standard” on every question I asked. This made it very simple for me to decide, as when all the good stuff comes standard, that impresses me.  We deliver best value to our clients by also offering more features that come standard, and we’ll even let you test drive our hardware for 30 days. VaRoom.


Restoration on Demand

October 30, 2007 Leave a reply

Just back from SNW Dallas. (PS-love that DFW Grand Hyatt adjoining the terminal) I got off the multi-terabyte storage topic for a few days, as I was cornered with 3 very seasoned WAN optimization engineers at the conference. How fast can an unplanned migration occur  when disaster strikes and nothing adequate is in place yet? (options would be overnight to ship an appliance or immediately via software download) How fast can you move data once a solution is put into place? (How about up to 1TB./hr. over public internet lines. ) WAN optimization is a huge market with many vendors so we asked: How can we prove to our clients, how easy this works? The astounding answer was “let them test it for free”. We like producsts that get a reacion like this one: “Hey, this works as advertised and is something we should never go without, now that we see what is does.” Our solution is also available to lease short term.

So my Q?’s are:

  1. How would you like to reduce your DR costs by 50%?
  2. Is your IP network impacting application performance?
  3. Would you like to maximize what your bandwidth provider is charging for?
  4. Would an enterprise backup solution interest you?
  5. Would you choose to optimize replication, disaster recovery, backup, & general data migrations over a lower cost IP infrastructure?
  6. and last but not least….If you could have a secure copy of all data sitting online at all times for rapid restore and migration back to your primary site, why would you not do that?

If you care to discuss this topic, please visit Condor’s Contact Us Page and request a call back.




Fibre Channel 2TB Arrays-Firesale

September 13, 2007 Leave a reply

These are first come, first serve and exceptionally loaded. LSI/Engenio model 3994, w/dual controller ea. w/2GB cache upgrades, (16) 146GB fibre drives per array yielding 2.3TB, some are unused and some barely used-all originally purchased this year in ’07 from LSI direct. Warranty will continue thru LSI’s 24/7 support hotline. FIRE SALE sold AS IS, AND FINAL SALE. Expansion jbod trays also available loaded w/drives, please inquire. Price per Array $11,500. Please contact: or call 888-472-8028. 01-22-08 SOLD OUT, Sorry


VTL For The REST of Us

August 23, 2007 Leave a reply

If you manage a datacenter/server room, but are in a smaller shop you might find these cost effective solutions meet your need and budget constraints beautifully. Three options below, in no particular order.

 Option #1:  A “Poor” man’s VTL which uses your existing storage.  There is a simple plug-n-play product for those who can’t get budget for a turnkey VTL and have older SCSI arrays they can utilize. The product is a VTL controller that utilizes your existing raid array storage as disk targets for backup jobs which is then seen as data stored on virtual tape cartridges. This is simple block storage with no fragmentation issues. Investment: $7K.

Option #2. A new D2D SATA or SAS storage array coupled with Falconstor software licenses, this is another option if you need storage expansion anyway. We have 2-42TB arrays that are certified and tested with VMWare and VTL ready.

Option #3. Overland’s REO VTL. This is designed to front end tape libraries and work seamlessly together. They are on third generation VTL product, so all the earlier quirks are gone. News: They just added compression and de-dupping so now this gets our attention as a real value add. You will need a second unit to replicate to for remote sites, but that is also supported and easily done. If you like one throat to choke, this is the best solution.

Ask for a brochure on any of these options with a visual overview and features/benefits, sent free of obligation.

Contact us and we’ll be happy to explain in detail.

Inside US call, 888-472-8028


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