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Condor Storage - Higher Limites for Your Data

Condor Storage is a Full Service Integration, Technical Design In and Wholesale Price Aggregator.

Condor Storage was founded in 2006. We specialize in providing you with data storage solutions. Whether it’s cost, capacity, reliability, performance or scalability, we’ll provide you with several options that meet your needs. And together we’ll find the best one.

We’re a US company and service US customers. Condor Storage represents dozens of different manufacturers and staff members have over 20 years of storage experience. Our success is based on customer satisfaction.Condor Storage - Disk Vaults - Dense Secure Storage Solutions

What We Stand For: Our 3 Pillars


Condor Storage - Higher Limits for Your Data


Condor Storage - 3 Pillars: AdvocacyCondor Storage has earned a reputation of being a “trusted partner”. There is nothing more important to us than understanding your data storage goals.
Whether it’s cost, capacity, reliability, performance or future growth. Your requirements become our requirements.
We’ll present you with the best options to meet your needs.
We’re not satisfied until you’re satisfied.


Condor Storage - 3 Pillars: SelectionAll storage is not created equal. Customer needs are not equal. Storage manufactures depend on Condor Storage to help you understand how their solution is different from another.
Storage vendors pride themselves on being unique. We help to align their specialty with your top priorities.
We understand hundreds of products and find the one that is best for you.


Condor Storage - 3 Pillars: UnderstandingWe represent you. We create a win, win between you and the manufacturer.
Leading storage manufacturers respect Condor Storage because we bring them repeat business.
Our customers come back to us again and again because we’re their advocate, we bring them the right product, the best deal, the first time.

If you need the lowest price…we’ll fight for the lowest price.
If you need the best service…we’ll fight for the best service.
If you need something unique…we’ll fight for it.

Condor Storage - Higher Limites for Your Data

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