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Our storage insider blog is designed to impart the latest technology news to our readership. We track the latest product releases, promotions and technology updates from dozens of our vendors. All projects are customized to our clients needs and wants, and we strive to architect the best solutions.  This site is designed to be ever changing and non-static to reflect the changing curve of technology.

Here are a few tidbits of this weeks buzz:

  1.  All in One Backup, Archival and Disaster recovery appliances offer OS + Application + Data Recovery while providing DeDupe, Rotational Archiving and now…Cloud Based DR. [ex. Our Unitrends Line]
  2. Massively scalable tape libraries gain steam as the end resting place for tiered data, with 1.5TB capacity uncompressed per $68 cartridge. Innovative tape storage cabinets free up precious floor tile space. [Call please]
  3. Thailand floods drive hard disk prices up, up and away,  as supplies dwindle worldwide and stock has become KING in a very short period of time.  Note: Our vendors still have stock, and we keep a list. [Call please]
  4. Object based storage offerings gain ground, they are massively scalable and eliminate file based CIFS and NFS management restrictions to moving and storing raw blocks of data. [think API's not files]
  5. Multi-site access to primary data in the cloud via a simple NAS interface is game changing for many small businesses, like buying a NetApps filer 1TB at a time. [ex. Our Nasuni product]
  6.  ”Provisioned snapshots” are gaining ground as the latest data protection feature enhancement from our iSCSI SAN vendors, along with denser jbods for future scale. [ex. Our RelData SAN/NAS product ]
  7. Sync projects are popping up our clients “front burner” list of projects to explore. If involved in backup jobs and workflow, we offer Archiware’s PresSTORE Sync as an affordable solution.  [email for pricelist]

We can’t help you if you don’t engage with us, so here’s to a great Q4 and new discussions and projects.

-Jeanne Wilson/Lead Architect

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