Great Article on Solid State from InfoWorld-Where do SSDs fit: Servers or arrays?

November 16, 2009 Leave a reply

Condor Storage offers the full line of Texas Memory Systems solid state arrays, as well as cost affordable PCI cards. Here is a great article on this topic.


Condor Q4 Project Push

November 13, 2009 Leave a reply

Despite the economy, we are bustling with two hot project themes, archival and virtualization. Here’s an update on what is exciting us now and what gets us fueled up first thing Monday morning besides that new dog gone good caramel coffee from Godiva. It’s not the mundane  job duties we must endure, it’s the ability to turn on lightbulbs, show people a better way and then receive appreciation.

Archive and Storage Optimization: Cut re-occurring b/u licensing costs and get your mind blown away. I have a custom use model license with a sw manu. for unlimited capacity data to off-site or on-site tape, which looks like disk to the b/u library. It avoids b/u sw altogether and gets out of per TB/ license models for VTL or virtualized storage.  It can recover in full file format without b/u jobs having to be restored and optimize your existing disk, it can also snap oracle and dbases direct to tape at 70MB/sec. Plus, can use a UDP based file transfer product optimized for sending and receiving large files outside the LAN/WAN-Amazon S3 approved. Condor has several expert consultants whom we engage to speak with our clients on-site to showcase this, upon request, no cost.

  iSCSI for the Enterprise: We offer two unified iSCSI/NAS gateway solutions-both scale to a petabyte, one powered by a robust Broadcom chipset/switch design and the other powered by a 64 bit Linux OS and a plug ‘n play appliance. Differentiators vs. Dell/Equalogic :  Both our solutions support NFS files and can replicate over fibre or 1GB links, and both can scale independently of each other, and both support existing storage pools plus open storage out the back and both are lower priced by 22%, and both have 3 year warranty w/on-site plans.  Condor is offering these through 12/20/09 at up to 49% off MSRP. 

See these both in a webinar: first come, first served basis. Contact us online via drop down menu and request a meeting. Easy to book and no talking to a lizard scaled, slick and oily  ”sales person”. ;)





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