Found a removable archival solution priced simply

May 2, 2008 Leave a reply

ARCHIVAL to disk. Some of our clients said they have to keep electronic data forever, while others state 15 years and others say 7 and some say, heck, we don’t know but we are going to keep it all anyway ‘until someone hands down a mandate. We sifted thru countless products, just to find their pricebooks were too long and the options too pricey. We selected a solution ranging from a 250GB desktop to a 40TB rackmount unit, with all-in-one design and ease of management. Please call for a webinar, as it’s the only way to review this due to it’s many features included in the base price. PS It even has de-dup.

  • ex. 500GB 1U Rackmount D2D2D Backup and Archival ALL-IN-ONE, unlimited license w/SQL and MS EXCH agents, email archival, bare metal restore, encryption, de-dup and a removable archive drive.   $5395

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