Restoration on Demand

October 30, 2007 Leave a reply

Just back from SNW Dallas. (PS-love that DFW Grand Hyatt adjoining the terminal) I got off the multi-terabyte storage topic for a few days, as I was cornered with 3 very seasoned WAN optimization engineers at the conference. How fast can an unplanned migration occur  when disaster strikes and nothing adequate is in place yet? (options would be overnight to ship an appliance or immediately via software download) How fast can you move data once a solution is put into place? (How about up to 1TB./hr. over public internet lines. ) WAN optimization is a huge market with many vendors so we asked: How can we prove to our clients, how easy this works? The astounding answer was “let them test it for free”. We like producsts that get a reacion like this one: “Hey, this works as advertised and is something we should never go without, now that we see what is does.” Our solution is also available to lease short term.

So my Q?’s are:

  1. How would you like to reduce your DR costs by 50%?
  2. Is your IP network impacting application performance?
  3. Would you like to maximize what your bandwidth provider is charging for?
  4. Would an enterprise backup solution interest you?
  5. Would you choose to optimize replication, disaster recovery, backup, & general data migrations over a lower cost IP infrastructure?
  6. and last but not least….If you could have a secure copy of all data sitting online at all times for rapid restore and migration back to your primary site, why would you not do that?

If you care to discuss this topic, please visit Condor’s Contact Us Page and request a call back.




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