File Archival

September 27, 2007 Leave a reply

I have just returned from Vegas, but did not gamble. (Bought over$$ designer sunglasses instead.) I went to update myself on file archival, digital vaults for govt. requirements, crypto-shredding! Talking about long term data storage to infinity and beyond, searchable like Google with de-dup, digital fingerprints and like wizards to King Authur, poof, your data is ”discovery ready”. We prefer to champion plug ‘n play products that do not require an entire SE team to architect.  We have some unique products that address content addressable storage needs. Please contact us on our website to view a webinar on what these turnkey solutions entail.


Fibre Channel 2TB Arrays-Firesale

September 13, 2007 Leave a reply

These are first come, first serve and exceptionally loaded. LSI/Engenio model 3994, w/dual controller ea. w/2GB cache upgrades, (16) 146GB fibre drives per array yielding 2.3TB, some are unused and some barely used-all originally purchased this year in ’07 from LSI direct. Warranty will continue thru LSI’s 24/7 support hotline. FIRE SALE sold AS IS, AND FINAL SALE. Expansion jbod trays also available loaded w/drives, please inquire. Price per Array $11,500. Please contact: or call 888-472-8028. 01-22-08 SOLD OUT, Sorry


Finally, after being held hostage, a REAL easy to use migration tool priced right

September 13, 2007 Leave a reply

I tried to play nice before with vendors like Arkivio, who were grossly overcharging for their migration tools and acting like fat overstuffed kings of the ILM sector. Move over you lamb-engorged pillagers, Moonwalk has arrived fresh from down under. It’s designed for tiering storage, policy based management, file reduction, and it’s skinny sw (like a DLL)…plus a cheap workstation can be deployed on the front end. This is one of half a dozen products we are rolling out for Q4 and literally jumping up and down about! For a limited time only, we are offering free downloads so you can try it for yourself with expert follow up and webinars with free gifts.  Please request “Moonwalk download” from our ”Contact Us” page at or go to: and mention Condor sent you, that’s how we survive. Over ‘n Out,  JMW. Read More: Moonwalk Overview


Hello World, Webinars Upcoming

September 6, 2007 Leave a reply

Webinars and white papers are something I enjoy [love my secluded coffee breaks]. Condor’s webinars only feature “move over…we do more things, better, for less $” type products.  Topics cover easy email archival, data migration and replication tools, data optimization, VMWare topics, Wizard Driven SAN and NAS, Backup and VTL’s that De-Dup files, and Green Power.  We select webinars that won’t snooze anyone. Our storage planning and assessment is always free of charge to our clients.  Best part, you’ll only end up on one mail list, ours. PS Our vendors sell only through the reseller channel and we discount aggressively off MSRP and are your long term advocate.

Ongoing Featured Webinars: Going Green in the Data Center, Business Continuity with D2D Backup and De-Duplication,  NAS and VMWare and  SAN Optimal Storage Virtualization. Please book here:

Informative Links to our Products:

Hardware DeDup 101 – REO 9500 VTL

NAS/SAN at 1000GB/sec. (next generation unified NAS/SAN provides throughput over 1 Gigabyte per second across both file and block level data and offers iSCSI benefits without SAN complexity with industry leading virtualization features that can support up to 256 iSCSI targets and 1024 volumes per AIS 6000 system. Check it Out! Demos available.

Best Selling 42TB Disk Vault-Flexible and 4U Design make this unique with enterprise SAN features and Green Power built in for free.

New SATAbeastXi for the MAC Pro platform with GUI for the new Leopard OS. 42TB. per array. (how about 5 million emails in 6 hrs.) (how about 5 million emails in 6 hrs.) SataBeast Xi Specifications


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