VTL For The REST of Us

August 23, 2007 Leave a reply

If you manage a datacenter/server room, but are in a smaller shop you might find these cost effective solutions meet your need and budget constraints beautifully. Three options below, in no particular order.

 Option #1:  A “Poor” man’s VTL which uses your existing storage.  There is a simple plug-n-play product for those who can’t get budget for a turnkey VTL and have older SCSI arrays they can utilize. The product is a VTL controller that utilizes your existing raid array storage as disk targets for backup jobs which is then seen as data stored on virtual tape cartridges. This is simple block storage with no fragmentation issues. Investment: $7K.

Option #2. A new D2D SATA or SAS storage array coupled with Falconstor software licenses, this is another option if you need storage expansion anyway. We have 2-42TB arrays that are certified and tested with VMWare and VTL ready.

Option #3. Overland’s REO VTL. This is designed to front end tape libraries and work seamlessly together. They are on third generation VTL product, so all the earlier quirks are gone. News: They just added compression and de-dupping so now this gets our attention as a real value add. You will need a second unit to replicate to for remote sites, but that is also supported and easily done. If you like one throat to choke, this is the best solution.

Ask for a brochure on any of these options with a visual overview and features/benefits, sent free of obligation.

Contact us and we’ll be happy to explain in detail.


Inside US call, 888-472-8028


Condor Storage, Inc. Goes Green

August 13, 2007 Leave a reply
Condor Storage is a rare solution to a complex problem. More and more each day our customer’s are requesting larger data storage solutions that take less space, use less energy and emit less heat in the datacenter. Condor Storage provides a line of products that fill that space.

SEDONA, AZ, August 13, 2007 – Condor Storage, Inc. a leading vendor of secure and energy efficient data storage solutions announces its commitment to providing its customers energy saving, fully functioning RAID storage systems.

Jeanne Wilson, President of Condor says, “Energy consumption has become an important topic when discussing the storage requirements of today’s data centers. Our team of dedicated storage architects listens daily to customers seeking solutions that are scalable, smart and green.”
One of Condor’s leading manufacturer’s Nexsan Technologies–was the first company to deliver fully functioning RAID storage systems with the energy saving benefits of AutoMAID . Each and every Nexsan SATABeast, SATABoy and SATABlade system shipped includes this revolutionary technology as a no cost feature.

Wilson states, “SATABeast is up to 10x more energy efficient than comparable arrays. AutoMAID technology transparently places drives into an idle state thus lowering SATABeast power consumption by up to 52%. Nexsan products also reduce carbon footprint, deliver industry-leading price/performance and have fully redundant architecture featuring 42 high capacity drives offering an unparalleled ROI. These products allow easy iSCSI connectivity and for no additional cost, are also optimized for video or other high performance/HA requirements with 4GB fibre channel interface and superior LUN management and spindle design.

All Condor Storage products come with a money-back 30 day guarantee of satisfaction.

About Nexsan Technologies:
Nexsan Technologies is the worldwide leader in secure and energy-efficient storage solutions. Nexsan delivers secure storage appliances and modular, high capacity disk storage systems for a broad range of applications including fixed content storage and archiving, compliance and litigation support, primary storage, disk-based backup, digital video security, medical imaging, email and rich media. With a complete line of storage solutions that offer exceptional price/performance, Nexsan is the choice of Fortune Global 500 companies, major governmental agencies, and leading organizations worldwide.

About Condor Storage:
Condor Storage is a storage boutique with over 25 years of experience. Condor is a complete customer advocate—right down to providing all documentation and support needed to sell backend storage to front end or server buying purchasing departments. Condor represents many manufacturers and as such is not a cookie-cutter, one size fits all shop. Instead, armed with an intimate understanding of the industry and a passion for providing the best data storage solutions to our clients Condor customizes each solution to match the customer’s unique data protection and budgetary needs.

Condor Storage focuses on the implementation of primary/secondary/backup/archive/and compliance disk, along with tape based-backup/archival. We have over
two decades of experience assisting clients with storage related needs.

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Fire Sale Nexsan SATABeasts

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Sadly, an industry colleague is closing their doors. They have asked us to find new homes for several Nexsan SATABeasts that still have 2 full years remaining on warranty. We picked up the lot. Some are earmarked for existing customers. We’ve got a couple extra, but they are going pretty quickly as all are priced at under $20,000.  (note: these sold out quickly, we’ll post next time we have more)

Here are some details ~ 14 – 21 TB per box, fibre channel and iSCSI enabled, dual controllers, 2 years remaining on warranty.

Contact us at: 888-472-8028 or email sales@condorstorage.com


Does VTL fit in the datacenter?

August 8, 2007 Leave a reply

Are VTL’s a cleverly designed ploy so tape vendors can just sell disk with their name on it? Does this serve the best needs of the customer?  There are many major back up manufacturers with products that can write to disk, multistream, perform deduplication, replication and encryption without proprietary storage involved in the sale.  Although VTLs are easy to set up and manage and can appear as multiple tape drives in a library, chances are you already have a multi-drive tape robot you are deep archiving to with easy to use backup software. If you need to remove your backup data off-site, many VTL vendors are selling replication software licenses that replicate to another one of their VTLs.  VTL’s certainly do save tape media $ in situations where daily incrementals are wasting tape space, as they will size the virtual tapes as needed. Also, it may price less to add a VTL with 5 virtual tape drives and move an older tape library to a deep archive role, rather than buy a new library.  Or should you buy a big fat D2D vault and use VTL software or stick with your backup sw investment? As a reseller of each of the above solutions, we are left to discern the bottom line truth on what is best for each client. No one buys complexity and common sense rules the majority of the time. With the price and reliability of disk as it is now, buying disk labeled strictly as VTL is like buying a car that can only go left.  It may be OK for NASCAR but it’s not for every average commuter!  We are happy to price out several options for you to consider.


Going Green

August 1, 2007 Leave a reply

nexsan-white-paper.gifCondor has recently added many new “green” storage products to our lineup. These have been classified “green” due to their low power and voltage requirements. With density designs not found anywhere else on the planet, we can significantly reduce your data center environmentals, rack and floor space and your electric bill. Some firms are being encouraged to purchase green products over other brands. If you have been searching for green storage, you have come to the right site. We can accurately brag that Condor has the “densest’ solution on the planet for storage arrays, considering hot spare options, total rack space, power supplies that should seven of eight die, the eighth can run 42 spinning disks, etc.  You can’t claim “green” unless you have earned it the Smith Barney way, with superb engineering prowess.  A white paper on our green products with some really valuable data center factoids on power consumption is available upon request: sales@condorstorage.com.  JMW


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