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What Fortune 100 companies know about data storage that you want to know too.

You need a system to store your valuable data for many reasons…government regulations, client relations, or for security purposes. Where do you even begin to know what to do, what to buy, or where to go? And more importantly who can you trust. Where do some of the biggest companies in North America like Reuters, First American Title, Google, Earthlink and Yahoo....turn to when requiring open storage?

If you’re already feeling overwhelmed, not knowing what to do, where to place your confidence, or even what to buy, you’re absolutely justified feeling that way.

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Why Condor?

Nobody buys complexity. We offer streamlined  solutions that make sense to the IT owner, not the vendor trained to sell multiple service contracts. We are your advocate for holding down costs. Trust us to help you make forward-looking decisions, with today’s technology. Get a guaranteed callback! Click here and you can set the time for your callback. One of our Storage Team Specialists will contact you shortly thereafter.


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Condor President and expert Jeanne Wilson was recently featured on the Search Storage Channel podcast to discuss offering parallel NAS services. Click here to listen!

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Condor In the Press

Condor President and expert Jeanne Wilson, weighs in on the latest hardware trends. Read More

:: Y2007 Wizard Driven Systems  :: Y2008 Green Server Rooms :: Y2010 Unprecedented Growth

Wizard Driven Systems

Wizard-Driven Systems Fuel Lego Like Growth. Our product lineup comprises the most forward engineered management tools available today fronting the most cost affordable all-in-one storage and backup systems. Condor’s vendors must offer rock-solid reliability, above average
support at prices one third or less than the market leaders and a leg up on feature set and ease of use-all bundled. Our sales staff can price our storage so that you have growth for years ahead without having to overbuy storage at today’s dollars. Book an informative web overview and get all your questions answered.


Green in the Server Room

Condor Storage features many green storage products such as Solid State disk and arrays, MAID enabled disk arrays, Green Rated Tape Silos, and more. Storage isn't the biggest energy hog in the data centre, but manufacturers are looking years ahead to a predictable pandemic in the worldwide power grid. Infiniband style connectors, ESATA cards to PCI based SASextenders and dense 60-70 bay JBODS-all offer green energy benefits and an overall reduction of floor space.

40% Growth per Year

40% Growth Predictions. Tiered storage strategies make sense and Condor Storage provides systems that can scale dramatically, from a modest 500MB. to multi-petabytes of capacity. Disk vaults that can securely organize, search and recover files thru electronic discovery, archive email, and de-duplicate your digital storage are readily available. From DAS vaults to CAS, from software tools to appliances- we have a solution that meets requirements and mandates.